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英语六级答案汇总 大学英语六级作文范文

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Section A Long Conversations

1D aproject with a troublesome client

2B take wedding photos

3C nervous

4A start her own bakery

5D they have to be more responsible forwhat they do

6A behave like adults

7D those who respect her student commitments

8C those conductive to their academicstudies

Section B passages

9B they break away from traditional ways ofthinking

10C they resulted in a brand new style ofskiing technique

11A he won three gold medals in one winterolympics

12B they die almost instantly

13D it has an instant effect on your bodychemistry

14A to enjoy good health while in darkmoods

15B they are closely connected

Section C Lectures or talks

16D they focus their attention on differentthings

17C they attach great importance to highperformance

18B it supports a piece of conventionalwisdom

19A the great variety of slimming products

20D they appear strange

21C culture and upbringing

22B the relation between hair and skin

23C adaptation to the hot environment

24B their skin coloring

25A their genetic makeup began to change



26I pasta be kept to a minimum

27 L stop blood sugar shooting up

28 B has been championed by clean-eatingexperts

29N but now a systematic review andanalysis

30G it had been lumped in with other

31E pasta didn’t contribute to weight gain

32O in weighing the evidence

33A does not have an adverse effect on body

34D so contrary to concerns

35C those involved in the clinical trials

26. I) minimum

27. L) shooting

28. B) championed

29. N) systematic

30. G) lumped

31. E) contribute

32. O) weighing

33. A) adverse

34. D) contrary

35. C) clinical


26A most forms of steel abruptly becomebrittle

27J that resists fractures at much lower temperatures

28B without the need for expensiveadditives

29E providing a lifeline for the besiegedbritish

30I the ships cracked in the icy north Atlantic

31N so scientists have strived to find asolution

32C a more physical approach

33G that is comparable to that of

34H the number of components needed in aconstruction job

35K by replacing solid supports with hollow tubes


26I others pouring money into jetpacks

27O has always remained the ultimate symbol of

28J have produced prototypes that can drive on roads

29M that can be segmented from theroad-going chassis

30 C need dual controls

31 K in another random street

32 H to back their sometimes outrageousschemes

33 D for speed ,romanticism and glamour

34 A coupled with artificial intelligenceand autonomous systems

35F that’s completely at odds with how Ifeel today



46BIt might be a blessing or a disaster in the making.

47CIt was extremely important to the destiny of humankind.

48AThe shift of research focus from the past to the future

49DSuper—intelligence may eventually ruin mankind.

50CThey share the same concerns about AI as academic


51B They want to have a share of the seniors’ goods market

52C collect residents’ feedback on theirproducts

53D It is a communication system via TV instead of a computer.

54A Winning trust from prospective customers.

55B They are quite at ease with high-tech products.



46D building close relationships with hiscolleagues was not as important as he had expected

47A inharmonious relationships have anadverse effect on productivity

48B they are virtually irrelevant

49C they are unwilling to make efforts tomaintain workplace relationships

50D they improve work efficiency


51B many abilities will cease to be uniqueto human beings

52C Google has made huge progress in autonomousdriving in a short time

53D it is yet to be emulated by AI

54A cultivate original thinking

55D by providing value with our creativity



46D the negotiations between them hadbroken down

47A it has reaped huge profits in recentyears

48C extra pay d on sales revenues

49A they are kept in the dark about manydetails of their job

50B changing the pay system would cause theindustry more problems


51D to improve traffic conditions in space

52C regulate the launching of newsatellites

53A set international standards for thespace flight industry

54D make a thorough analysis of anypossible addition to space debris

55B develop technology to address the spacedebris problem


The best retailer combine bricks and clicks

36 M although online retailing has existed

37G innovative retailers integratetechnologies

38D despite what the census date

39 I internet-driven changes in the retail

40 C statistics indicate that brick and

41 H companies that successfully combineonline

42 F brick and mortar retailers’ faith

43 O despite the tremendous challenges from

44 A with the rise of online

45 K the wide use of smartphones has


Companies are working with consumers toreduce waste

36F some companies believe that products

37C a survey shows shoppers today

38M companies can build customer loyalty

39G when companies launch environmentprograms

40G one multinational company offersdiscounts

41N Recycling used products can help

42H electronic products contain valuablels

43B it seems commonly believed that

44J it is advisable for companies

45D some businesses have begun to


The future of personal satellite technologyis here

36M given the easier accessibility to space

37C a group of mini-satellites can work

38B the greater accessibility ofmini-satellites

39E even school pupils can have

40K AMSAT is careful about sharinginformation

41F NASA offers to launch CubeSats free

42L even with constraints, it is possible

43G while making significant contributions

44D mini-satellites enable operators to

45J AMSAT operates on the principle of





Chinese idiom is a unique way of expression in Chinese, mostly composed of four Chinese characters. Although highly concise and fixed in form, they usually entail profound meanings. Most idioms stem from ancient Chinese literature and are usually related with certain myths, legends or historical events. It is difficult to understand its exact meaning with little knowledge of its origin as learning idioms helps people better understand Chinese traditional culture. Idioms are widely used in daily conversation and literary creation. Proper use of idioms can make a person's language more expressive and help to deliver a more effective communication.





China is a vast country with a large population, and in many places people speak their own dialects.Dialects differ most in pronunciation, but less in vocabulary and grammar. Some dialects, especially those from the north and south, are so different that speakers of different dialects often have trouble understanding each other. Dialects are considered an integral part of local culture, but the number of people who can speak them has been decreasing in recent years. In order to encourage people to speak more local dialects, some local governments have adopted approaches, such as opening dialect classes in schools and broadcasting dialect programs on radio and television in order to preserve local cultural heritage.


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of team spirit and communication in workplace. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

Team spirit and communication in workplace

It is time, at last, to speak the truth about the importance of team spirit and communication, and the truth is this. Team spirit and communication are really not such outdated clichés, especially in the circumstance of the workplace.

In the workplace, team spirit and communication are crucial in two aspects. Firstly, a job worth doing is usually worth doing together. Although some people do succeed by working independently, more indications tend to show that teamwork helps people achieve more, and it is the communication that transforms the chaotic crowds into orderly teams. Also, team spirit implies team objectives weigh more than inpidual accomplishment. It's like an orchestra performance. None of the performers is better than all of them. The performers “communicate” mutely and join their efforts. They know it clearly that no one can whistle a symphony on his own -- it takes a whole orchestra to play it.

In a nutshell, team spirit and communication in the workplace shall never be underestimated. Only by working as a team and communicate well with colleagues can one attain greater accomplishment.


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

Understanding and respect

"You reap what you sow." The wisdom of this saying is not lost in our era, especially when it comes to mutual understanding and respecting others, yet arrogance seems rife nowadays. The implication of this message is, in the case of respect, that if you understand and respect others, you will be understood and respected in return.

Understanding and respecting others is rewarding in three aspects. First, from a social standpoint, it enhances mutual trust and reduces the chance of conflicts between people with different beliefs because it urges people to think in others' shoes before criticizing their opinions thereby preventing impulsive conflicts. Moreover, it benefits the understanding and respectful person himself, too. Understanding and respecting others helps him to calm down and take a deeper insight into his own ideas, which means he is more likely to think in the big picture. Finally, we should always bear in mind that respect is earned with respect, and so is understanding, and you will never win them with arrogance and threat.

When we understand and respect others, we command them from others as well. There is a simulative effect that kicks in when people stay humble and respect persity. By respecting and harnessing each other's strengths, we boost opportunity for all people.


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of motivation and methods in learning. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

Motivation and methods in learning

The great difference in learning outcomes, especially among those who are almost equally hardworking, has triggered a controversial issue as to the importance of motivation and methods for learning. Views on the topic vary greatly among people from different walks of life. Some believe that motivation and methods are the main factors accounting for the learning effect, but others consider them less important than hardworking.

I personally agree with the former for the reasons presented below. Before learning, it is motivation that gets a person started. Without motivation -- that is, without interest or an exam that drives you to learn -- you won't even start the learning process, and naturally there won't be any outcome. During learning, it is again the motivation that encourages the learner not to give up half way. And this is when great methods come along. With proper methods, learning becomes easier and hence less frustrating because a learner can usually achieve more with less learning materials or practice. Consequently, it boosts motivation as well. However, hardworking with improper methods results in failure to produce positive outcome, and aggravates the feeling of frustration.

From my perspective, it is crucial that we understand and accept the fact that motivation and methods are more critical to learning than hardworking. Only in this way can we make full use of our efforts and have better learning outcomes.


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